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Emrah Susam

Software Developer
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I have been working in the IT field since 2015. I have been working in the software field since 2021. As a freelancer, I make dynamic web and e-commerce sites with a personalized admin panel. I have experience in WordPress since 2021 and I have been designing custom themes. I have been working in shopify for the last year. I am writing custom modules for the website of the company I work for in the shopify infrastructure. I dominate other e-commerce infrastructures and I am coding my own infrastructure now. I completed my Master of Quality Management in 2022 with the thesis I wrote in the field of Quality Management in Electronic Commerce. Thanks to courses such as Customer Relationship Management, Quality Management, Quality improvement methods, I think I understand customer perspectives better and I have a command of the effective design and usage perspective that should be on the website. In addition, I have studies on hotel services in my CRM research. I am currently working as a Front End Developer at HYS KÖROĞLU Store, which provides service with 15 stores in South Marmara. I like to make a difference in the field I work in. I also work on brand image. What I have added to the company I work for, apart from website design and special module coding:
-Hys AVM and Köroğlu AVM brand jingle
-Seo studies and blog posts for Google search optimization
-Target audience studies with social media integration
-Campaign slogan and customer-oriented discount campaigns

You can check the relevant websites.

hysavm.com (development with shopify-custom module)

korogluavm.com(development with shopify-custom module)

asgrand.com.tr(wordpress-user specific theme design)

badescarf.com (wordpress-user specific theme)

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