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Mustafa Dağ

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My goal is to contribute to the company I work for with the education I have received in the field of computer engineering, to progress by improving myself, to adapt by closely following the innovations, to fulfill my responsibilities in teamwork and to facilitate human life by developing new projects. Courses and Certificates Certificate of English course (B1) ,Manchester English Academy Data Science and Machine Learning Course with Python, Udemy Python Advanced Programming Course, Udemy Python Data Science Education Certificate, Global AI Hub-Enerjisa Sql Server Design Certificate, Udemy Data Visualization Training Certificate, Global AI Hub Artificial Intelligence Introductory Training Certificate, ODTÜ Python Training Certificate, Turkcell Certificat Projects Mapping, visualization and analyzing the data of the busses from the city of Konya using Python. Organizing Konya city bus data using Numpy and Pandas libraries, visualizing organized data and transferring and clustering coordinate data on the map with the pydeck library. Instagram bot application with Phyton Selenium Login automatically, follow specified users / unfollow doing, taking the number of followers list determined by asynchronous query with scrolling and received The application that allows the followers to be recorded in the file. Face recognition project by using Python Open CV Recognising the faces in the pictures, eyes in the pictures and faces in the videos by using Open CV library. Developing a blog site using Phyton Django By using Bootstrap development environment and Css3 with Model View Template structure with Django Framework developing a simple blogging site. Corporal database planning and designing by using MySQL Creating School Database tables, Primary key and Foreign key between created tables association, data entry and query operations. Front-end interface desing by using HTML5/Css3 UI design of the movie rental site using the Brackets development environment Html5 ‑Css3 design with technologies. Designing intercity local networks with Cisco Packet Tracer Defining an IP adress ranges by dividing the computers that connect to each other by using server, router, switch, via using VLSM technic and performing a large scale network server configuration of them.


Computer Engineering
Süleyman Demirel University

I graduated from the computer engineering department with an average of 3.09/4

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