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Orhan Öykün Yenal

Backend Developer
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Currently, I am working as the Senior Software Engineer in Projen Yazilim Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.(Izmir, Turkey) where my responsibilities involve providing solutions based on the customers demand. According to requirements of customers modifying the product called Planner. Planner is a business software product which is generally used on premise and also communicates the other products of customers that are already using. Between the start and termination date of the project I am improving the performance of the product, adapting the product for the new approaches, bug fixing.
Previously, I worked as Computer Engineer in Dokuz Eylul University IT department where I gained ability to lead programmer candidates like intern students. As an IT guy, I improved my programming skills with multiple projects at the same time i also gained knowledge about the network management and hardware part of technologies. According to the projects, I
developed applications based on .Net Framework. This includes web applications, windows form applications.
During my entire career, I have always try to improve myself. In my opinion, software development is not only about merging frameworks and technologies but also keeping connection with team members and other characters in the project. I have a deep belied that human factor and team chemistry are big parts of a software project.
My career aim is to make myself progress in this area and gain more experience. I am confident that, I can offer you, problem solving, solution planning and phase tracking. Additionally, I am a fast learner and able to adapt to changes very quickly and I enjoy what I do because I realy like
challenges. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

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